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Useful Links

WorldWideWebThe following web sites are useful for lake residents and others.

Sheriff's Department Marine Division

Kent County Sheriff's Department Marine Division that patrols our lake.  Phone: 616-632-6220.  E-mail: marine.patrol@kentcounty.org.

KCSD Boating Safety

Information on boating safety from the Kent County Sheriff's Department.

Michigan Boating Laws

Handbook of Michigan Boating Laws & Responsibilities

Cannon Township

The local government entity for Silver Lake is Cannon Township.

Professional Lake Management

The company we use for water quality testing and weed control services.

Clean Boats Campaign

A campaign by the Izzac Walton League and others to protect our lakes from harmful plants and animals.

Protect Your Waters

How to protect our lake from zebra mussels, Eurasian milfoil, and other invasive species.

Michigan Lake & Stream Association

An organization that protects and promotes the use of Michigan's water resources.

Michigan Riparian Magazine

The only magazine devoted exclusively to protection, preservation and improvement of Michigan waters and to the rights of riparian owners to enjoy their waterfront property. Back issues can be searched online.

Aerial Graphics

This company does aerial photography and sells prints for many Michigan lakes.